Are you Vertically Challenged? February 17, 2016

Are Your Video Ads Vertically Challenged?

Since the dawn of moving pictures, people have watched videos in a landscape format. The horizontal spacing of the human eyes encouraged the thought that landscape video is the preferred, nay – the ONLY way to view video. But that didn’t stop Snapchat from shaking things up.

When the video app launched in 2011, CEO Evan Spiegel rejected the traditional horizontal video sharing method and designed the app to naturally support upright video messaging and ads – a bold move considering everything from popular demand to the anatomy of the human face was against him.
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Snapchat has not only become one of the most popular apps, it has ushered in a new wave of vertical video marketing. The company reports that the vertical video ads the app displays are nine times more likely to be watched than landscape ads found on other websites and apps. Add to that, live streaming video apps Meerkat and Periscope also stream vertically and Facebook now plans to sell vertical video ads.

Bottom line: Vertical video is creeping into the conversation of savvy creatives and marketers.

John Oliva


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