3 Steps to Creating Content with a Purpose January 13, 2015

Collection of imagesSome things in life are certain: the sun will rise, taxes will be collected and there will never be a shortage of content on the internet. With the recent increase in video streaming access (thanks YouTube!) today’s consumer is bombarded with videos to view, like, and share with their friends. Businesses are left wondering how to get their purpose driven content noticed by the consumer amongst a sea of cat videos. But before you change your company slogan to a cat playing a keyboard, consider these three steps to create purposeful video content consumers will notice.

The Battle of Time

People WANT to consume content. The first step in getting your content noticed is figuring out what your potential customers are already consuming and create engaging content that will rise to the top of the pack.

Know Your Brand

Don’t post content for the sake of posting content. Determine your brand’s belief, or purpose, and sculpt content to reflect those ideas. Keep your audience engaged but keep your purpose clear.

Have a plan

Once you’ve determined your market and your message, keep the creative process on track by having a production plan. Enlisting the help of a director and a professional video production team can ensure that your brand’s message is effectively portrayed from its genesis in the brainstorming phase to its distribution.

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