Tried and True and…Testimonials September 29, 2015


We’re pack animals, to an extent, and we tend to trust our own kind. While a great marketing video will pull a customer’s attention, an honest testimonial video will give them peace of mind. In fact, 90 percent of consumers admit that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. And not to get too statistic-y, but customer testimonials have the highest content marketing effectiveness rating at 89 percent.

Sure, written comments are great, but a video trumps all when it comes to consumer reviews and endorsements. Why else would so many major brand companies be hiring actors to pretend they are customers in commercials? Because they know the power behind seeing a face, hearing a voice, and having someone just like you endorse a product or service you might want.

We believe in the power of video testimonials because we hear about the success they procure for our clients. Your satisfied customers are an invaluable marketing tool who can speak to the real-world accounts of doing business with you and your company.

Here a quick video of a few testimonials we produced for clients that have, according to one, “help make a difference in the bottom line.”




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