Top 10 Reasons You Want Video in Your Marketing November 4, 2015

Video is a powerful marketing tool with endless benefits for your company or brand. We’ve boiled down those benefits to the top 10 ways video can improve your marketing efforts:

10. Creates a lasting impression for your brand. Video is an effective way to give prospects and clients a positive first impression of your brand, leading to stronger, long-lasting relationships.

9. Conveys authenticity, sincerity and builds trust. Just like actions speak louder than words, video speaks louder than text.videoplatforms

8. Multiple uses and platforms. Remember the dancing cat video that Patti group-texted, emailed, tweeted and posted on the company Youtube page? Video gets around.

7. SEO boosting. Video gets people to stay longer on your site, click through and share links. All good things for your SEO.

6. Establishes emotional connections. Research shows that it’s much easier for us to become emotionally attached to something we watch in a video than something we read in an article. (Cue Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial)

5. Ideal medium to educate people about your products and services. Video can be a great way to take complicated information or processes and simplify it for your audience.

4. Preferred content for most people, especially millennials. Millennials have big buying power and they are primed for video.

3. Attracts top talent to your organization. Sought-after job candidates look for organizations who are forward thinking and technically up to date. Video shows them that you are.

2. Delivers significant ROI. Video analytics show that video generates more site visitors, more leads, and a big increase in sales revenues.

1.It entertains. At the end of the day, your audience wants to be entertained. So tell a good story, maybe add some humor and give Patti something more productive to post.

Kelsey Cortez


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