Three Videos Your Website Can’t Live Without June 9, 2015

As time and technology progress (seemingly at the same rate!), it’s becoming more and more clear that video marketing is the new black. With today’s infinite access to information and finite time to consume that information, video is the most efficient way to convey your message. We couldn’t agree more with a recent Entreprenur.com article that suggests there are “3 Videos Every Business Needs on Its Website,” so here they are:

First Impressions are Everything

Longer than your average commercial, but shorter than a tell-all, a clear and concise marketing video is a great introduction to your company, its product or service, and what makes you a stand-out in your field. Anchored on your homepage, this will serve as your lasting, first impression.

Let the People Speak

A great business is made so by its outstanding employee base, so having a video that highlights them and their key roles to your potential clients is a crucial step in bringing a very human aspect to your company.

Call for Back Up

There are no better endorsements than those from your clients. Highlight your customers — they can explain the benefits of your business much more convincingly than you can. They will talk about your true value lending powerful and authentic third-party credibility.

While these three video suggestions don’t cover the spectrum of possibilities for using video in digital media, they sure are a great start. If you’re thinking about getting started, or already have these videos and want help reaching the next level of video marketing- let us know, we are here to help.


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  1. Lori Smith • June 10, 2015

    Excellent article and advise we share with our clients Reply

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