The Value of Video Marketing March 25, 2015

People are consuming digital content in many ways and through many different channels. Social media is one such avenue that cannot be ignored when targeting your customer base. Recently, Facebook for Business took steps to measure how video delivers value and improves brand awareness.

What their researchers found is that the moment a video was viewed lift happened across ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration. Even people who never watched the video, but saw the impression of the video as they scrolled through their News Feed were impacted by the ad. And, not surprisingly, the longer people watched the video the bigger the impact or lift.

The takeaway: Every part of the video view – from the initial impression to a complete video view and everything in between – drives value. As marketers continue to develop and build their promotional strategies its clear that video should be an integral element of any campaign.  Understanding this helps marketers build creative content and evaluate its success. mobile-video


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