Dancing Robots and Flying Corn October 21, 2015

Motion Graphics: Thinking Outside the (Toy) Box

The power of video as a marketing tool is undeniable, but how do you set your video apart from the pack? Adding motion graphics may be the answer. They can simplify complex messages, captivate viewers, and even bring toys to life. Let’s take a page out of Pixar’s book and see how motion graphics can take your marketing efforts to infinity and beyond:

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

You probably already have a bunch of static graphic pieces lying around your marketing office, and just like Woody in “Toy Story”, they’re waiting to come to life. Instead of investing in completely new material, you can stick with what you have and give it a new, exciting purpose in a motion graphics piece.

It’s Never Too Early

If you thought you had to wait until launch to make a video, think again. A motion graphics video is perfect for a company that’s still in the research and development phase and looking to rev up excitement on their product’s coming release, or one that has just launched and needs to attract buyers before making a full marketing video.

New Angle

If you already have a few videos in your marketing package, including a graphics video will add some diversity to it. They’re great for taking complicated information and simplifying it for your target audience. Trust us, it’ll go a lot farther than an Infographic.
See how motion graphics brings life to this story.

Take a look at this motion graphics piece we created for a client to depict their data intelligence capabilities. If you want to put a new spin on old material, get your prospects excited about an upcoming release, or revamp your marketing package we are experts in motion graphics and we’d love to work with you.


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