Creative Solutions to Production Challenges March 30, 2015

Every production is unique – from the creative to the execution to the client’s list of must-haves. As creative professionals, it’s our job to come up with new and innovative approaches while often times having to work within set of parameters dictated by the client all while ensuring we meet or exceed expectations. No problem, right? This latest project presented a few challenges, but none our crack production team couldn’t overcome.

The Challenge: Produce a video to promote an important new healthcare partnership that includes all the key folks involved who will only be available for a limited time on the day of the press conference announcement.

The Approach: Normally we’d steer away from including a mundane press conference as part of the video. But in this case, we decided to use the event to create an open that conveyed the excitement and buzz leading up to the announcement. We also realized the advantage of capturing sound bites from some of the main players who needed to be included, alleviating the need endless string of sit down interviews. (yawn)

Then there was the issue of shooting enough Broll – in a single day – to illustrate what the partnership was all really about and provide cover to interview sound. The solution was activating three seasoned crews each with a list of pre-planned and storyboarded shots that we knew would fill out the story.

The Result: An upbeat and engaging three-minute video that positions our client as a forward-thinking institution whose priority is the healthcare needs of the community it serves. Both entities are successfully using the video to promote this important new partnership to physicians and the community.


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