Video Marketing…Everybody’s Doing It! February 25, 2014

So you think your business or organization needs a video?  You’re probably right.  According to a Reel SEO Video Marketing Survey, 93 percent of marketing professionals used video as part of their strategy in 2013.  And Forbes says “video will remain a top player in content marketing.” 

But before you jump into production, consider a plan for how you will use the video to ensure a good ROI on your investment.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself before embarking on your video.

What do you want the video to do?  Do you want it to introduce your company to your target audience? Encourage participation in your event? Sell a new product?  Explain a new service?  Whatever the goal, it should be clear and realistic.  And there should be only ONE message.  A video that tries to be all things to all audiences is rarely a success.   

Who is your audience?  A video introducing a new infant safety product will have a vastly different audience then one promoting IT consulting services.  Knowing your target audience and what moves them greatly influences how your message is conveyed. 

How will you measure success?  Your video should be generating real results so it’s important to measure its success.  A product video? Track sales generated since its release.  A how-to or explainer video?  Measure the time saved in customer service calls.  Measuring the video’s performance not only tells you what you did right, but also what you should tweak for the next one.

Do you have a clear call to action?  Once your message is communicated, don’t forget to tell the viewer what you’d like them to do. Call now! Visit our products page to learn more.  Donate now to make a difference.  Whatever it is, make sure all your pertinent contact information is clearly displayed throughout or at the appropriate place in the video.

Video is a great marketing tool and if planned carefully, will reap big rewards in helping grow your business.  Call Lauri Oliva at 954.797.6889 to see how the Digital Cut team can help you  plan and execute a successful video content strategy.  (See…call to action!)


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