Aerial Filmmaking: Taking Your Video Production to New Heights May 30, 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Its recording? Aerial cinematography and the use of aircrafts to achieve epic wide shots have been elevating large scale video productions for years. Now, thanks to technological advances and the incorporation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) attaining these big budget shots is safe and affordable.  

 This isn’t your grandpa’s aerial footage. Operated from the ground by a pilot and cameraman via remote control, UAVs (also known as drones or hovercrafts) can capture low altitude shots and maneuver through tight spaces with ease. In a matter of seconds, the UAV can go from hovering a few inches off the ground to several hundred feet in the air, creating smooth tracking shots and awe-inspiring angles. 

Digital Cut Productions has teamed up with our partners from Precision Aerial Filmworks to raise the level of production value for many of its clients by taking to the skies.

Keith Colodny, Founder and Chief Pilot at PAF is using the UAVs for car dealerships, golf courses, colleges, real estate developments and a multitude of other TV shows and web spots. Colodny cites safety, cost effectiveness and usability as key advantages and why UAVs are changing the video game.“Remote Controlled UAVs give the production houses and their clients a way to include dramatic, cinematic shots that really change the scope of their project without breaking their budget.”

Watch this brief behind-the-scenes video of DCP and PAF working together to push the boundaries of filmmaking on a recent project.

For more information on how to include aerial shots in your next video production, contact Lauri Oliva at 954-797-6889.


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  1. Rich Rubasch • June 6, 2014

    Use of drones in the US is still illegal for commercial use and the FAA is considering rules for video production....this was just published today. Still plenty of work (and training) for us to shoot with drones legally in the US for commercial use.

    http://www.tvtechnology.com/news/0110/faa-considering-drone-use-for-professional-production/270738 Reply

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