4 Ways ‘The Walking Dead’ Marketing Pros Killed It December 5, 2013


The producers of The Walking Dead know how to grab an audience

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of the hit AMC series, The Walking Dead, a show turned cultural phenomenon about life in a zombie apocalypse. With the show halfway through its fourth season, its a good time to stop and reflect on how the series caught our attention and broke social media records. According to Blue Global Media, “Marketers for The Walking Dead aren’t reinventing the wheel; they are just using it the right way.” So what IS the right way to successfully market a brand?

  • Get Social: Just like the zombie plague, you can’t hide from it! Social media is quickly becoming a necessity in any successful marketing plan, and The Walking Dead marketing team isn’t missing a beat (boasting an impressive fan base on Twitter and Facebook). Have a company video or update? Share it!
  • Engage Your Audience: No one likes a self-absorbed, ego-maniac (they’re usually the first to die in an apocalypse). Don’t just post one-sided updates about your company, get your audience involved. The Walking Dead became known for its viewer participation (live tweets during shows, contests and giveaways) which engaged audiences and created fans for life. Asking for feedback and posting contests are great ways to jump-start your audience participation.
  • Go Viral: If you’re unsure about the effectiveness of a viral post, ask Kimberley “Sweet Brown” Wilkins. Creating promotional content that is fun and easy to share will increase the longevity and circulation of your post. The Walking Dead gained even more publicity with viral “zombie invasion” videos which featured costumed zombies taking to the streets of Manhattan. Inventive content offers a welcomed break from cookie-cutter ad campaigns (ain’t nobody got time for that!) and can set you apart from the competition.
  • It’s About Your Viewers: Whether your target audience is a horde of zombie-lovers or potential clientele, it’s about them, not you. TWD viewers enjoy the opportunity to share their thoughts about the series via live tweets featured during Walking Dead episodes and win guest roles on the show through sweepstakes. By making the fan a priority, The Walking Dead campaign broke marketing records and created brand ambassadors. Make your brand accessible and enjoyable for people and watch as they flock to you like zombies to an outdoor barbecue.

You don’t have to be the next hit series to benefit from these marketing tips. Digital Cut’s Marketing Team can help you wake up your audience with custom content. For more information, contact us at 954-797-6889.

Kelsey Cortez


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