Video Production is Booming in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and All Over South Florida May 29, 2012


Thomas Edison’s kinetoscope

Ever since Thomas Edison was dreaming up his Kinetoscope from his winter home in Fort Myers, Florida filmmakers have flocked to Florida’s shores to shoot moving images.  For years, Miami has been a major player in the the booming film and entertainment industry.  The ’60s helped establish Miami as a legitimate location for new media with proper facilities and a talented pool of workers.  Numerous big name motion pictures and TV shows were filmed in Miami and around South Florida.  Moon Over Miami,  Flipper and The Jackie Gleason Show are some of the early productions that capitalized on the unique tropical locations that the city and surrounding area offers. 

Today, Miami plays host to televisions shows like Burn Notice and Miami: CSI as well as a plethora of movies, music videos and commercials.  South Florida video production is one of the largest in the United States based on revenue generated. Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida are not only a mecca for filmmakers and television producers, but there area also are a large number of corporate videos produced under our sunny skies. Our beautiful backdrop of sunshine, blue skies, lush tropical vegetation and beautiful beaches makes South Florida a natural place for advertising creatives to shoot and edit commercials too.

Directors, producers, DP’s, cinematographers, cameramen, editors and other production professionals from South Florida know that they work among the best in the industry. DigitalCut Productions is proud to work with the areas local talent and offer one-stop shopping for all your productions needs.   Come to Miami and you’ll get the picture.  



John Oliva

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