Eight Easy Ways to Maximize Your Videos May 22, 2012

How do you assure that your company’s message will be seen, heard and acknowledged in our media-inundated age? Video.  Here are eight easy ways to put videos to work for your business now.

  1. Include on your website. A no-brainer and a must if you want your site to achieve its goals.
  2. Upload to YouTube, Yelp, Vimeo and other video sharing sites to help with your SEO.  And be sure to include those key words used when searching for your type of product or service.
  3. Social media.  Adding video to your social media campaigns helps maximize visibility, improve EdgeRank and heighten your engagement.
  4. Electronic newsletters.  People crave engaging content and video works, moving beyond flat marketing to add excitement and immediacy to your company’s message in ways that mere words, photos and images cannot.
  5. Wow your prospects.  Send short video vignettes with proposals that illustrate your products or services, or let them hear what customers are saying about you.
  6. Attention grabber at trade shows & conventions.  People watch people. Having a monitor with a looping video showing your happy customers is a great way to stop passers-by and an easy segue into conversations that can lead to sales.
  7.  Showrooms / Reception Area / Lobby.  A looping DVD that showcases your products or services is an excellent way to pre-educate and pre-sell shoppers who you can’t get to immediately.
  8. Educate your employees.  Sensitize your employees to know your customers…understand what’s important to them…see what your product or service means to them? Video testimonials are a efficient and cost-effective way to have your employees “meet” your customers.

 How have you used video to improve your business goals?


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